You said something was going on.

It's still 50 kilometres to Paris.


Clearly, he's guilty.

I think we need to go back to Boston.

It annoys me that my friends aren't here.

I need body lotion.

The exams started at 5 o'clock in the evening.

Let's go shopping downtown.

For your sake, father, I would cut the devil himself into small bits, or even become a devil myself.

Maybe, but he wants me to stop cold turkey.

I'm fairly certain Piete isn't planning to be at Syd's party.

Teruyuki wants to do everything himself.

Don't copy that floppy.

The protesters threw stones at the police.

You don't have to stay to the end.

Vivek was at school all day.

I'll ask just in case. what are you trying to do?

I think you're exaggerating.

Harold felt rejected when her boyfriend broke up with her.

The river flows along the north of island.

I found the book so interesting that I kept on reading it until daybreak.

Please warm yourself at the fire.

Parents try to impress upon their children the importance of honesty and hard work.

His clothes were dripping.

I want to go to heaven, but I don't want to die to get there!

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Someone's here to see you.

Do you know why cactus have needles?

I don't suppose you're going to let me go there by myself.

I'm interested in history.

Are you sure that you want to go there?

Uri was the only one who was busy.

Food is the largest source of garbage in landfills.

I'm looking forward to the New Year holidays.

I'm going to ask you to stay around for a while.

This is a museum piece!

I will not do it again.


I play Chopin.


Jon doesn't have a lot of time.

Thanks for letting me stay at your place.

They fell deeply in love.

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Jayant has added three new names to the list.

We have to tell Josh what has happened.

Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.

I think I'd like to be alone.

Have you finished writing that song you've been working on?

Syd started scrubbing the floor.

It was beginner's luck.

Is there a machine more polluting, noisier or which takes away more jobs than a leaf blower?

I don't want to interrupt Rich.

Whom did you see?

That artist's very popular.

An experienced healer can lift curses and dispel evil eyes.

No reason to laugh!

If you don't water the plants, they will wither.

I'd like a Toyota.

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Varda doesn't know what to say.


Mr Wood loved Linda dearly.


I'm sure Lance will succeed.

Let's keep it civil.

I'm not going to get involved.

How did Marek get involved?

Kitty resented the fact that Elaine got the promotion instead of him.

I succeed to a fortune.

Nigel gave Brian some good advice about how to write songs.

Brenda is willing to negotiate.

I thought it strange that he didn't turn up.

The judge denied me bail for no reason.

This thing isn't alive.


I completely agree with you.

How did the news get out?

Magnus's pardon was granted by the governor.

He wasn't tall enough to get at the ceiling.

She went to school by car.

If he knew, he would tell us.

I'm sure she has other skills.

"Has the rain stopped?" "No, it's still raining."

I keep waking up in the middle of the night.

Mr. Smith is liked by all his students.

You said so the other day, didn't you?

Hamilton survived.

Lynnette needs more time.

Tell us why you killed him.

Byron told me that book is interesting.

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Did you kiss him goodbye?


I need help with my homework.

Jeanette had no idea what Fritz and John were talking about.

Find Bucky and kill him.


This is my daughter.

His younger sister is a famous TV star.

Would you like to live with us?

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How long does a relationship usually last in Brazil?

It snowed more this year than last.

Are you sure that you want to go there?

Let's play soccer.

She was nearly without any money.

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Let's go outside and sit in the sun.

Kylo talked about his family.

They are good friends of yours.

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It just doesn't work, I'm sorry.

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Jack will need some of these.

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Poor men have no leisure.

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Why does she hate me?

Please check my vision.

I didn't tell her that.

She became infatuated with a German soccer player.

We were living in Osaka for ten years before we came to Tokyo.

Don't talk to me about him.

Why does Joe look so angry?

"Looking to buy an L-shaped couch. Message me if you're interested in selling one." "I have one. Here's a picture." "Unfortunately, that is not shaped like an L." "It's a lower-case L."

How are you and your wife doing, now that the birds have all flown the coop?


When does she play tennis?


What's my room number?

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It is plain that he is wrong.

He sent me the message by telephone.

Rusty tried to cut the delicious-looking meat with a dull knife.

I'm not talking about him.

We believe that children need both a father and a mother and that time will show how important it really is for them.

I'd prefer it if you didn't ask me any questions.

Flawless precision is required in the measurements.


Morgan has asked us for help.


She told the children an interesting story.

Is this where you live?

Life expectancy, gender discrimination and the social system are the main criteria the representatives have taken into account in drawing up the rankings.

I was in an IAA meeting.

Try to put yourself in her shoes and understand what she's been through.

Al practices playing the bassoon every day.

"Thank you for biting me," I told my cat.

I didn't even consider what Louise might want to do.

No, I saw it. It's true!

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I think that's the right thing to do.


Come on over here.

Ira is my stepbrother.

We have made him cry.


His speech moved us.

Kevin managed to save them.

We had expected that you would succeed this time.

Sanford doesn't remember doing what everybody says he did.

She discovered that she had run out of salt.

The attic. A place rarely ventured, full of old stuff long forgotten about.

It's nothing to be ashamed of.

Most anime characters have large eyes.

He asked me if I wanted to go abroad.

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I really enjoyed this week.


She said she was in love with him.


Are your parents coming home?


Blaine and Frances discussed their future plans together.

Please have some pie.

We got some special evidence that proves that he is guilty.

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We have problems that we need to deal with.


Are there any tourist here this evening by any chance?

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The holidays are coming.

Take this medicine faithfully, and you will feel better.

The name on the card is Dawn Jackson.

The smell is pleasant.

That suit has an expensive look.

I saw it with my own eyes.

It is three years since my sister got married.


I told them I would help them.

That reminds us of something.

Pam walked toward the elevators.

What can you tell us about this?

I got a little sunburned.

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When will you start?

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The light came back on.